How does the process work when selling my house to you?

The process is very simple when we buy houses: you can email or give us a call to discuss specifics about the house you want to sell. If it sounds like a property that meets our criteria, we'll make an appointment to take a look at it. When we meet you at the house we walk through and look at what repairs or other changes are necessary. Using this information, we can usually make you an offer on the spot. If we come to an agreement on a price, we draw up a contract that is then taken to a title company. We handle all the paperwork and details while the title company prepares for the closing. You don't have to make any repairs, fill out tons of paperwork or make a million phone calls. You receive your money for the house at the closing and you're done!

Do I need to fix anything?

Absolutely! We purchase homes in need of repairs all the time. In fact, most of the houses we buy need repairs—they are actually the sort of properties we prefer. No matter what the extent of the repairs needed are, it won't scare us off.

Do you buy houses that do not need any repairs?

If a property fits our criteria, we will absolutely buy a home that does not need repairs.

How long does it take to get a cash offer?

We can usually see the house and make you a no-obligation, cash offer on the spot. This can happen within 24 hours if you are able to show the property or give access to it fairly soon after you contact us. When we say we buy houses quickly and for cash, we mean it.

How do you value my house?

First, we determine the top market value of your property if it were repaired to the best possible condition. Market value is the most probable price that a property should bring in a competitive market, where the buyer and seller are both motivated and a reasonable time is allowed for exposure on the open market.

Market value is determined by comparing your property to similar houses in the same area that have sold recently; it is not based on the current list price of similar houses—only the sold values. Once we have determined a likely market value of the home in its best possible condition, we take into consideration the current condition of the house, the cost of necessary repairs and any encumbrances or obstacles to clear title.

How long is the process?

Typically, we schedule closing for two to three weeks from the offer date, but are willing to schedule it whenever is convenient for you. The whole process takes between ten and thirty days from contract to closing, depending on the status of title and the terms of the offer. Closing can happen within a week in some cases, so we can usually accommodate a short time frame.

How do I get paid?

Once the sale is closed you can collect the funds in one of two ways: by means of a certified bank check or via a direct wire into your bank account. The title company will issue funds directly to you at closing. The title company will also pay off any mortgages, taxes owed, home owners association fees and any other items that are due.

Do you offer any additional services?

We offer many additional services before and during the process. Some of our more common services include: a mobile notary for your convenience, removing unwanted items from the house and garage, turning on utilities to complete inspections, and, in some cases, moving assistance and help finding you a new home (for free).

Are there any fees if I sell my house to you?

We do NOT charge any fees to you when we buy your house. We are the purchaser of the property—we make our money via the investment and do not need to make any by charging you a fee or commission. You can avoid paying thousands of dollars in commissions to an agent by selling direct to a local Tulsa cash buyer. We would like to be that buyer.

If I request an offer from you, am I obligated to sell you my house?

Absolutely not! You have nothing to lose. It doesn't hurt to see what we can offer you for your house. So why not give us a call?

Will you still buy my house even if there is a tenant living there?

Yes! Even if the house has a tenant, with or without a lease, we are still interested in discussing your property and making you an offer on the house.

Are there any other options?

Yes! A cash offer from us is the fastest, easiest way to sell your home. If time is not the top priority, though, we have several different options to maximize the sales price.

We can identify a price that is less than market value and more than our cash offer, and sell it on the open market, utilizing the Multiple Listing Service and our marketing techniques. We find you a buyer in 90 days or less—the traditional six-month listing agreement does NOT apply. We get it sold fast!

We have a range of other options to fit the needs of each individual seller we speak with. Give us a call to discuss which might work best for you.

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