Whether you want to downsize an empty nest, need to sell an inherited property that is a financial burden, or could just use a quick sale and cash in hand, Spero Home Buyers has a specialized solution to fit your needs.

Brick wall photograph by Quinn Dombrowski.


Photo credit: TaxCredits.net

Photo credit: TaxCredits.net

No Commission

There is no agent involved, so there are no commission, fees or closing costs to pay. The sale price we agree upon is all yours.

Photo credit:  Teresa Alexander-Arab

Photo credit: Teresa Alexander-Arab

No Repairs

We purchase properties as-is, so you
don’t spend time or money making
repairs for prospective buyers.

Photo credit:  David Michalczuk

Photo credit: David Michalczuk

No Waiting

We are cash buyers; you can have a check in hand sooner than most properties on the market get an offer. We can close as soon as the paperwork is ready.